The Wine Collection - CEP’AGE is a wine trading company founded in 2002. The company was born of my passion for fine wines and old vintages, and my ambition to make this passion my career. I started out supplying rare wines to some of the large Bordeaux merchants, and gradually my client list nationally and internationally.

Over the years I have built up a solid network of suppliers (private cellars, collectors, wine merchants), and I now provide the most exclusive wines of the Bordeaux, Bourgogne and Champagne regions to international merchants and a handful of private customers in Europe, Asia, Russia and the United States.

I am deeply committed to the quality of the wines which I sell, as the vast majority of these fine bottles are intended to be opened and enjoyed. I check every bottle personally, and package them with great care to protect them against any potential shocks during transportation.

It is my hope that this site can serve as something more than a showcase for my selection of wines. It is important that connoisseurs should be able to find these superb wines at reasonable prices and with guaranteed delivery to anywhere in the world. I also offer a range of bespoke specialist services (Starting a cellar, organisation of prestigious tasting events, collection valuations, locating rare wines) to provide an introduction to the world of fine wines, for wine lovers looking to expand their knowledge.

I will always do my best to satisfy your requests.