We can help you build your collection, guiding your selections with reference to your tastes and budget.

The first step is to assess the current state of your cellar (if you have one):

- What wines do you have in your collection?

- Vintages to keep, vintages to drink now, vintages past their prime.


You will then need to decide what type of cellar you want to build:

- A collector's cellar (multiple vintages from the finest châteaux, the best and most sought-after wines in the world)

- A prestige cellar with the best wines from the best vintages, to keep and to drink and enjoy.


Thanks to our extensive experience and network of suppliers, we can help you create a superb collection featuring superior wines from France and elsewhere.


We can deliver wines anywhere in the world, subject to analysis and agreement on the customs regulations of your country. There will be an additional charge for delivery.


For a truly bespoke service, I can be present in person when your wine arrives and help you to handle the subsequent arrangements.


Your order will be accompanied by a detailed cellar log including information on your wines.

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