Tasting fine wines, and particularly old vintages, requires particular care and attention.

To enjoy these superb wines to the full, you must correctly prepare them before serving them to your guests: ensure that the bottles are standing upright, check that they are at the optimal service temperature, decant them correctly and serve them in the right glasses.


Are you planning to organise a special meal including prestigious wines?


I can suggest a selection of wines which you might serve, chosen to suit your budget, the dishes which will be served, your personal tastes and the number of guests who will be in attendance.

I will then act as your personal sommelier for the evening: I will prepare the wines for service, and present and serve them in the order I feel is appropriate after tasting them. If you wish, I can also organise blind tasting sessions.

A booklet for tasting notes - including photographs of the bottles served - will be presented to each guest, allowing them to record their own reactions and sensations.


This service is available worldwide, with transport and service charges calculated in addition to the cost of the wines ordered.

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